We will deliver the bike to the hotel. If you have a bicycle you can spend here freely like a resident in Tokyo.

 Please make a reservation by noon on the previous day.The bicycle arrives at your hotel early the next morning.
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     Two types of bicycles are available.

We can also provide a carry cart, It will be convenient when riding a train with a bike.  
Hybrid bike is called cross bike in Japan.
It is a convenient bike that has a shape and function that can be said to be a composite type of mountain bike and road bike, and can adapt to various load conditions. It is a recommendation of our shop.
  After settlement is completed, I will tell you the key number.
  Although our shop is not a virtual shop, we do not make loan or reservation work at the actual shop.
The store is open only from the midnight to the early morning for shipment.
Stock yards are closed in the daytime. .
There are several warehouses in Tokyo, and maintenance is done before rent out. 
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