About Information and Agreement

@Please observe the Japanese traffic regulations. Regarding bicycle traffic rules, leaflets are attached to the bicycle. Please be sure to check it before you ride a bicycle.

@After your form has been submitted, we will send you the quote and
invoice by e-mail, so please make your payment via PAYPAL.

@100% cancellation fee will be charged on any cancellation submitted on the same day your rental has been scheduled.

@However, exception is made for heavy rainy days. If it is raining in Tokyo at 8:00 am on the day of your rental, we will accept your cancellation then without charging cancellation fee. (If you wish to rent even when it is raining, rain gear is available, free of charge.)

@If you lose your bicycle or lose sight of it, please notify the Japanese police. And please report it to us promptly. If it is not found by the scheduled return date, we may impose a penalty.

@Check on the personal information protection policy, please approval to the paragraphs above.

@If the rental bicycle is damaged, we will request the repair fee set by our company.

@Rental extensions must be paid for in advance.

@If you have failed to return the bicycle on the scheduled date, we would report you to the judicial police of Japan.

@Please check the personal information protection policy and usage rules.The application is deemed to have agreed to these.